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Blessed is She Who Believes

Believing in the unbelievable

The story of Christ’s birth is nothing short of unbelievable. While fully God and fully man, Jesus, the Son of God, was born of the Holy Spirit and conceived through the virgin Mary, wrapped in human flesh and came into the world as a newborn baby so that we may know God and receive His salvation. As Christians, we’ve accepted these truths that form the basis of our faith but many people can’t get past the idea that the limitless God of Heaven could use the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary. Out of all the possible ways that God could have sent His Son to us and fulfill His age-old covenant, He intentionally chose two ordinary women with reverence for the Lord, as the vessels through which the plan of redemption would be fulfilled.

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!" Luke 1:45

In the beginning of Luke’s Gospel, we read about two humble and righteous women – Mary and Elizabeth. Mary, only a young girl would become the mother of the Son of God and Elizabeth who was old and barren, would give birth to John the Baptist, who filled with the spirit of the prophet Elijah would powerfully prepare the way for the Lord. Both Mary and Elizabeth witnessed supernatural events and the most unfathomable news and yet in spite of not understanding how it would all work out, they chose to believe and accept what God had spoken to them and they were counted as blessed for it.

Believing in God’s promises is sometimes the most difficult part of our walk with Him. Since faith is trusting in what we cannot see or comprehend, believing takes a great deal of courage and requires an open and willing heart to do God’s will. How many times do we struggle with what God places on our hearts because we don’t understand how He will do it? What if we dared to believe that God could do anything in us and through us? Surely Mary and Elizabeth were very surprised when they first received the news of their humanly impossible births, but they trusted in God and remained obedient and cooperative with the plan and purpose He had for them.

Faith is simple concept but it’s often hard to do. As limited human beings, we’re often gripped by unbelief when God whispers big promises to us that make no sense in the natural. But what if, like Mary or Elizabeth, our hearts remained open in the midst of the most baffling, uncomfortable and unlikely of situations? What if, like Mary and Elizabeth, we would allow ourselves to be filled with joyful hope, rejoice in the midst of our uncertainty and trust in Him? The supernatural births of John and Jesus are a powerful reminder that nothing is impossible for God and that He will fulfill His promises. Just as God used Mary and Elizabeth as vessels for His plan, He can accomplish extraordinary things through us, if we simply believe that He can and He will. When God asks you to do something you never expected to do, embrace whatever plans He has for you. Dare to believe that your bold step of faith will bring you great favour and ultimately give glory back to God.


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