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I Have Set You Apart

Why every life matters to God

The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has brought the topic of abortion to the forefront. It has likely been talked about on the news front and center in the media and a likely discussion in our own personal circles. The Bible is very clear about God’s stance on abortion as murder and the shedding of innocent blood, one of the things the Lord hates. Some may discount the potential of a small and helpless baby growing in the womb but if we choose to see things through God’s eyes, we would recognize and accept that each human being—no matter what stage of development he or she is at—is fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator and Author of Life, made on purpose for a purpose.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart...”

Jeremiah 1:5

God told the prophet Jeremiah that before He formed him in his mother's womb, He knew him, approved of him and set him apart as His chosen instrument. The same can be said for each one of us today. God purposed and planned us from the very beginning. It should be an incredibly humbling and overwhelming thought that you were wanted, made and loved by the God of the universe, who put time and thought into making you uniquely you.

Our God knows us in the deepest, most intimate way. Because He formed every aspect of who we are, He knows everything about us from the intricacies of our personality, the deepest desires of our heart and even the number of hairs on our head! He knows things about us that we may never discover about ourselves in our lifetime. The truth is there is no one else in all of human history that’s exactly like you or can fulfill the unique calling that God has placed on your life. That's why we couldn’t possibly claim to know all the details of the plans He has for us without Him revealing them to us. So we should never assume to know the impact just one life can have or rob someone else of fulfilling their God-given purpose by choosing to end a life. Every life, no matter how they were conceived, is sacred and precious; a soul that is deeply loved and highly valuable to God. We’re special because He says we are and because He is our Creator, He gets the final say on the matter.

Take some time today to personally thank our Heavenly Father for His love and goodness, that He created you and set you apart for a unique purpose at this specific time in history. If you’re still unsure of His calling over your life today, ask Him to reveal the special plans He has just for you and for Him to help you fulfill your destiny in Him.


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