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Welcome to a devotional blog for daughters of King Jesus to be reminded, encouraged and refreshed by the messages of faith, hope and love woven throughout His Word.  

About Me


blogger, graphic designer,
fellow daughter of the King.

My name is Alexis Goncalves-Jenken and I'm the writer and designer behind the Daughter of the King devotional blog! I'm 30 years old, a recently married wife and most importantly, a proud believer and follower of Jesus Christ, which makes me a daughter of the King! I have a bachelor's degree in journalism and have taught in a specialized college program where I currently support students with mental health and addiction challenges in Toronto, Canada.  

I came to the Lord when I was just five years old at an altar call during an Easter passion play. I was brought up in a Christian household and regularly attended my local Pentecostal church for most of my life. The Christian walk was something I thought I knew and practiced, something I even took pride in... until recently.  It took a global pandemic to wake me up from my stagnant, self-serving and spiritually dull life. 


One day, God lovingly revealed to me that I needed to start living for Him. He wanted more of me than the part I gave him on Sundays He wanted to be put front and center in my life. Then He called me to a higher calling - to start an online devotional blog for women. Shortly after, Daughter of the King was born! 

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