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A Faith That Moves Mountains

Believing with undoubting faith

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to stand before a mountain, you likely remember looking up at the massive slab of rock and feeling a sense of awe and amazement but also feeling intimidated by its size and grandeur. We tend to see mountains as these mighty and indestructible objects that seem to be utterly unaffected by our existence. This is often how we view the mountains in our lives—the seemingly unmovable barriers that stand in the way of us moving forward. But could it be that that daunting mountain is actually subject to your control? Jesus tells us that we not only have influence over the mountains in our lives but we can command them to move—all it takes is a small act of undoubting faith.

"If anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them." Mark 11:23

When Jesus instructed His followers to cast mountains into the sea, He was seemingly asking them to do the impossible. Our natural reaction is to dismiss Jesus’ statement as a mere exaggeration but our response of disbelief is exactly the message behind the teaching. Here Jesus is reinforcing the power of faith to do what is otherwise impossible for humans in the natural. Jesus is calling us to a faith that is not reliant on our own limited strengths and abilities but rather a faith that believes in and relies on God, the One in whom all things are possible.

Usually when we come up against a mountain in our own life, we talk about it when God instructs us to talk to it. Because we have a father-child relationship with the Lord, we can come to Him and ask for anything and in faith believing, it will be done for us according to His good and perfect will. We may not always see our prayers answered immediately or even in the way we were expecting but the key is not to doubt God or put limitations on what He can do—we are to continually put our trust in Him. When we simply come before the Lord with boldness and assurance of His faithfulness, what seems like a small or even insignificant act of faith becomes the catalyst through which God pours out wonders and miracles in our lives. It’s not our job to move the mountain but to trust the One who can.

What mountain are you up against today? Speak to it and command it to move, resting confidently in God’s power to do what He said He would do! Be encouraged today that no matter how intimidating the mountain in front of you looks right now, we serve the Lord Almighty, to whom the mountains must bow. For what is impossible for man is possible for those who believe.


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