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They Call Her Blessed

Honouring all mothers on Mother's Day

If we look around at our world today, we can clearly see that motherhood is under attack. Somewhere in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights, our society has painted motherhood as something undesirable; only to be considered at the “right time,” when we’ve exhausted our bucket list and fulfilled our career goals. By and large, our world sees motherhood as a death to the self and the truth is, it isn’t wrong. But that’s precisely the beauty of mothering. Being a mother, while labourious and often lusterless, is a blessed gift from God that requires selflessly laying down our lives for our family, just as Jesus lay down His life for us.

Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.

Proverbs 31:28

Contrary to what our society may tell us, motherhood is a high and important calling, one that sets women apart from men in their God-given role as nurturer of their families. God has appointed mothers the big but rewarding task of training their children in the righteous ways of God through teaching and modelling the character of Christ in their own life. Through motherhood, we are given an invaluable opportunity to grow in our own understanding of Jesus’ unconditional love and unmerited grace, as we are called to give up our own selfish desires to prioritize the lives of those in our households. By extending this love to our children, we develop a deeper admiration for Jesus’ great sacrifice as we are molded into becoming more and more like Him.

But just like the life of obedience and humble servitude that Jesus lived, our works won’t always be glamourous or praised by others but they are worth it. Despite the sleepless nights, struggling and juggling and even the days where you feel like you’ve just missed the mark, our God in Heaven sees you and is well pleased. Even if you may not get a “thank you” as often as you should or you feel that what you do is taken for granted, know that you are loved more than you know and you are counted as blessed!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures who so selflessly demonstrate the love of Christ and in so doing, glorify God. Today and every day, may we honour and praise you for all your service and good works. To all those who mother, today be reminded that whatever you carry, whomever you mother, however you nurture, you are blessed and you’re an invaluable blessing to others.


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