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She Laughs Without Fear of the Future

How to laugh in the midst of fear and uncertainty

When we turn on the news and hear about the spike in COVID-19 cases, the rising cost of living, the rumblings of civil unrest and tensions rising between nations, we can easily get discouraged and overwhelmed. Perhaps that’s where you find yourself today—gripped by fear, anxious about tomorrow, utterly exhausted and struggling to see any glimmer of hope in the future. Would you believe that it’s possible to laugh in the face of such adversity? The Bible makes mention of an unsurpassed strength that we can receive from God that allows us to laugh even in the face of troubling circumstances and uncertainty. It’s possible to be so rooted in God’s provision and protection that we can reach a point in our spiritual walk where we’re completely unfazed by the storm swirling around us because of the One who we place our trust in.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

I'm sure we all aspire to be the woman described in Proverbs 31:25—a woman of strength, dignity and joy. Many of us are all too familiar with this verse that we've memorized it and have it framed in our rooms, written on the covers of our Bibles or displayed on our screensavers. As beautiful as this description is, how many of us can honestly say we embody this righteous, God-fearing woman? Have you experienced what it's like to walk in the strength and dignity of the Lord? Can you look at your future and laugh without fear of how it will all pan out?

I’ve long known and loved this scripture but it wasn’t until recently that I experienced what it truly meant to laugh without fear of the future. When we have developed an unshakeable faith in the Lord, He clothes us with strength and confidence to live boldly for Him. This strength doesn’t come from our own limited abilities but God’s unlimited and unmatched power working through us. When we operate in that power and live our lives with the knowledge that He loves us, He is with us, He is for us and nothing can snatch us away from our glorious future with Him, we come to realize that there’s nothing left to fear in this life—not even death. We know that whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord and that He is with us. When we truly embrace this powerful truth, we develop a newfound dignity in who we are and whose we are. That’s why when you're going through difficult times or the enemy attempts to disturb our peace and joy, you can laugh unbothered by it knowing that no scheme of man or power of Hell has any influence over you. You can put your trust in the Almighty God, who loves you, watches over you and securely holds your future in His hands.

If you find yourself in need of strength, dignity and laughter in your life, openly receive the invitation to become the woman of Proverbs 31:25 today. It starts with having an open heart to know God and His nature. When you begin to understand Who He is--good, faithful, loving, all-powerful, all-knowing and in control of everything--it becomes easier to put your trust in Him. When we choose to submit our life to him, we notice that the worries and fears that once bound us start to disintegrate as we move forward in strength and power into the hope-filled future that He has in store for us.


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